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Tanatorium By Salas Arquitectura + Diseño as Architects

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The Tanatorium frames very important feelings of its users through the evocation of God and the cavern. An steriotomic architecture formed by a perforated enveloping is born from earth to protect humans when they say goodbye to their deceased people. Though a formal gesture, this concrete cavern opens in diagonal direction to the sun, worshipping this primitive god.

The site is a pine wood on the outskirts of a little town, the building is placed in its southern limit to define a new urban edge with a monumental architectural character. The public access is on the west side at the…

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Project details
Location El Burgo de EbroAragonSpain
Program Type Apartment
Year Build completed in the year 2015
Tags Residential, Apartment
Involve Companies
Architects Salas Arquitectura + Diseño

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