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Taft By Skylab Architecture as Architects

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The Taft is a3,930-square-foot, two-story, open plan house designed and built using HOMB, a prefabricated modular system developed by Skylab in collaboration with MethodHomes. The system provides an alternative to the typical time-consuming process of conventional site construction while also minimizing waste through precision prefabrication.

The house is built using 28 prefabricatedmodules. Each of the triangular-shaped, structurally independent modules is 100-square-feet in size and features pre-installed finishes and integrated building systems. Capable of a wide range of assembly configurations, when fit together, the modules create a structurally efficient system. For construction, the building components for the…

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Project details
Location PortlandOregonUnited States
Program Type Apartment, Housing
Year Build completed in the year
Tags house, Family Residence, Apartment
Involve Companies
Architects Skylab Architecture
Contractors Method Homes

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