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TETCHAN YAKITORI BAR By Kengo Kuma and Associates as Architects

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The project took place in Kichijoji (one of Tokyo’s suburban towns)’s Harmonica Yokochi, a wondrous bystreet that still retains the atmosphere of black-market stalls during the post-World War II period. We designed the interior for a small Yakitori bar that sits on the edge of the street.

It is mostly made of recycled materials. We applied recycled LAN cables, which we call Mojamoja - to describe its shaggy, wooly look – and what is called acrylic ball (left-over melted acrylic byproduct pieces) to everything from interior materials to furniture. As the result, some amazing interior emerged, where…

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Project details
Location MusashinoTokyoJapan
Program Type Bar
Year Build completed in the year 2014
Involve Companies
Architects Kengo Kuma and Associates

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