Sun Shed Renovation Practice

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The Sun Shed Of Chun Qin Yuan Ecological Farm Renovation Practice ​​​​​​​ By Mix Architecture as Architects

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Project Overview
2017 Mix Architecture was commissioned by Chun Qin Yuan Ecological Farm, the north of the Yizheng City ecological Farm in a sun shed for the renovation design. The farmer hopes to adjust its function with less input and use the banquet hall as its main function to maximize its benefits. The main body of the Sun shed is the common concrete foundation, light steel structure and sunlight board in rural farm, which is used to cultivate economic seedling. After field research, we found that the project itself is relatively isolated, the surrounding environment to the development…

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Project details
Location YizhengJiangsuChina
Program Type Farm
Year Build completed in the year 2018
Involve Companies
Architects Mix Architecture

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