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South Villa By ARRCC as Interior designers

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South Villa is a five-story penthouse in the award-winning Clifton Terraces apartments on Victoria Road, Cape Town. Its elevated position on the iconic Lion’s Head takes in extravagant ocean views and local landmarks such as Table Mountain and Clifton’s pristine beaches.

The terraced form of the building is designed by SAOTA. Deep overhangs and a restrained natural palette of materials blend into the beautiful natural surroundings while landscaped terraces on each level ensure that the building will settle even more effectively into its environment over time. The building mimics the existing contours of the site, sensitively ensuring that the views…

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By: Riteshjageshwar jha on 31-Oct-2020
Project details
Location Cape TownWestern CapeSouth Africa
Program Type Private House
Year Build completed in the year
Involve Companies
Manufacturers OKHA
Interior designers ARRCC
Architects SAOTA
Project manager SIP Project Managers (Pty) Ltd
Contractors Haw & Inglis
Engineers JG Afrika
Engineers Sutherland Engineers
Contractors Allround Pools

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