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Skylodge By Skylab Architecture as Architects

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Designed to serve as catalyst for a sustainable, densely planned residential mountaintop village, Skylodge is a 5,500-square-foot event center built on a 10,000-acre ski mountain in Utah. Set at 8,900 feet, the short construction window necessitated an innovative approach. Employing modular and prefabricated construction, enabled the construction timeline to be compressed into a brief five-month window.

Architect Name: Skylab
Location: Powder Mountain, Utah, USA
Interior designer:  Skylab
Prefabrication Manufacturer: Method 
Structural Engineer:  Quantum Consulting Engineers
MEP Engineer:  LP Davis Engineering
Landscape:  Langvardt Design Group
Lighting:  Lighting Workshop, Inc.
Theatrical/AV:  Ambient…

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Project details
Location EdenUtahUnited States
Program Type Bar, Restaurant, Exhibition Center
Year Build completed in the year 2015
Tags Rooftops, Composite decking, Prefabricated Structures
Involve Companies
Architects Skylab Architecture
Structural Engineer Quantum Consulting Engineers
Landscape Langvardt Design Group
Lighting Lighting Workshop
Kitchen and Bar Layout Consultant Bargreen Ellingson
Pendant light fixtures esque Studio
Eagle yurt rooftops Rainier Outdoor
Grey reclaimed wood cladding Trestlewood
Composite decking Resysta
Accordion doors LaCantina Doors

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