Sinkhole Floor Drain

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Sinkhole Floor Drain - Land Art By V studio as Designers

06-photo-1509188675.jpg Photographer: V studio

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08-photo-1509188680.jpg Photographer: V studio

09-construction-process-1509188688.jpg Photographer: V studio

9-concept-sketch-1509188697.jpg Photographer: V studio

9-landform-of-yubulu-zhai-1509188697.jpg Photographer: V studio

9-section-1509188697.jpg Photographer: V studio

9-project-location-1509188697.jpg Photographer: V studio

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"Sinkhole Floor Drain" is a piece of land art that is associated with unique geological feature. The location of the project is in a village in south west china—Yubulu Zhai. Yubulu Zhai is a natural village of Qingshuihe town, Xingyi city, Southwest Guizhou Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou, China. It is an “untouched paradise” in Southwest Guizhou Autonomous Prefecture which is 20 kilometers away from Xingyi down town. The area where Yubulu Zhai belongs to is a place with typical Karst landscape. The village is built in a sinkhole whose relative fall reaches 610 meters. The sinkhole is trumpet-flower-shaped, and numerous century-old…

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Project details
Location XingyiGuizhouChina
Program Type Installation, Sculpture
Year Build completed in the year 2016
Involve Companies
Designers V studio

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