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Sideyard By Skylab Architecture as Architects

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A leftover 9,000-square-foot berm space was created when the City of Portland built the new one-way Couch Street couplet reconnecting the roadway to the Burnside Bridge. Sideyard was designed to fit this urban remnant property as a working-class building aimed at public transportation connectivity, pedestrian openness, and bicycle priority access. It is positioned centrally in the new Eastside community envisioned by the Burnside Bridgehead Framework plan. The ground floor will be activated by storefront along third avenue and work space above. This building program will reintegrate a pedestrian stair down from the Burnside Bridge level to third avenue akin…

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Sideyard By DR Johnson Wood Innovations as Manufacturers

Sideyard is located on a small unique footprint in Portland, Oregon. The building is 5 stories, 4 floors above ground, and 1 underground. This structure includes retail and office space and contains 21,690 sf of DR Johnson Cross Laminated Timber and over 375 glu-lam beams. The CLT highlights the structure of the building which is placed above a concrete foundation.

Morgan Gregory
Photo Credit: Morgan Gregory

Cross-Laminated Timber is prefabricated engineered wood that consists of either 3, 5, or 7 layers, with each layer oriented 90…

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Project details
Location PortlandOregonUnited States
Program Type Office, Shop
Year Build completed in the year 2019
Involve Companies
Architects Skylab Architecture
Contractors Andersen Construction
Engineers catena
Engineers Evans Engineering & Consulting
Landscape Architects Shapiro Didway
Manufacturers Interstate Brick
Manufacturers Tech Lighting
Manufacturers Arcadia Inc
Manufacturers DR Johnson Wood Innovations

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