Sheikh Zayed Road promenade

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Sheikh Zayed Road promenade By LWK + PARTNERS as Architects

156187761930127.jpg Photographer: LWK+PARTNERS & 212 Art Production

156187762447727.jpg Photographer: LWK+PARTNERS & 212 Art Production

156187762477600.jpg Photographer: LWK+PARTNERS & 212 Art Production

156187763016441.jpg Photographer: LWK+PARTNERS & 212 Art Production

A challenge in designing a successful urban space is encouraging visitors to take active participation in their surroundings. Such placemaking initiatives can be achieved through the use of public art, commercial and F&B kiosks and community engagement components all of which the Sheikh Zayed new activation cleverly responds to in rejuvenating the harsh public realm experience that currently prevails.

People respond to art that connects them emotionally and physically – art they can interact with, that adds soul and a deeper conceptual meaning to the shared experience of public life. Art in the urban environment taps into human emotion, linking…

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Project details
Location DubaiDubaiUnited Arab Emirates
Program Type Park, Garden
Year Conceptualization in the year
Involve Companies
Architects LWK + PARTNERS

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