Shanghai Jing'an House T2-135 Showroom

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Shanghai Jing'an House T2-135 Showroom By Shenzhen Qianxun Decorative Art and Design Co., Ltd as Interior designers

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As if the hostess of unit 135 is just coming back from the legendary city-state - Monaco. In this space, Qianxun Design combined two kinds of art: interior design and film set by the design languages as furniture, paintings, colors, and so on. Furniture is made of wood and metal with simple lines; colors include cool gray, wise khaki, bright Hermes orange and restrained hibiscus purple, forming an oil painting of "queen's living room" . The visual perception is elegant and comfortable.

The restaurant is decorated with warm orange color, with marble, metal, white bone china tableware, as well as exquisite…

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Location ZhabeiShanghaiChina
Program Type Showroom
Year Build completed in the year 2016
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