Shanghai Jing'an House T2-115 Showroom

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Shanghai Jing'an House T2-115 Showroom By Shenzhen Qianxun Decorative Art and Design Co., Ltd as Interior designers

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Unit 115 is mainly focused on the daily life under the beauty-appreciation value of the elite. With fashionable style, much attention is paid to the combination of layout and functions of the room. 

There is an extension in lines of the furniture: for example, the straight line collocation between coffee table and the main sofa creates an extra layer in the living room, so as to enlarge the visual space. Petite Friture Vertigo chandelier brings a comfortable and quiet feeling; while brown leather tray adds a little bold and unrestrained temperament for the space. 

Design: Shenzhen Qianxun Decorative…

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Project details
Location ZhabeiShanghaiChina
Program Type Showroom
Year Build completed in the year 2016
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