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Set Square By nimtim architects as Architects

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A reimagining of a 60s suburban house. The house is reinvented as a light and open space for entertaining and relaxing with friends.

Our client was moving from a Central London apartment to leafy suburban Croydon and wanted to retain the open-ness and lightness of his apartment. He was keen to create an open-plan space that worked for entertaining while also allowing moments of privacy and comfort when home alone.

Architecture Name: nimtim architects
Project Location: Croydon, UK
Completion Year: 2020
Photo credits: Megan Taylor

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Project details
Location CroydonEnglandUnited Kingdom
Program Type Private House
Year Build completed in the year 2020
Tags house, Family Residence, Residential Architecture, Private House
Involve Companies
Architects nimtim architects
Photographers Megan Taylor
Product Spec Sheet
Element Brand Product
Tiles Terrazzo Tiles Terrazzo Tiles
Flooring Alhambra Tiles Ltd Terracotta Tiles
Brick Pavers Chelmer Valley Burgos Nostalgie
Parquet AH Peck
Chaise longue and chair Love Your Home
Doors and Windows ODC Glass
Interior lighting WEVER & DUCRE