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Self–Sprouting by Dongjin Kim(Hongik University) + L'eau Design By L'eau Design as Architects

yonghwan-kim_(4)-1527512738.jpg Photographer: Kim Yonghwan

yonghwan-kim_(9)-1527512750.jpg Photographer: Kim Yonghwan

yonghwan-kim_(7)-1527512750.jpg Photographer: Kim Yonghwan

yonghwan-kim_(8)-1527512750.jpg Photographer: Kim Yonghwan

yonghwan-kim_(6)-1527512750.jpg Photographer: Kim Yonghwan

yonghwan-kim_(11)-1527512750.jpg Photographer: Kim Yonghwan

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yonghwan-kim_(13)-1527512758.jpg Photographer: Kim Yonghwan

yonghwan-kim_(12)-1527512759.jpg Photographer: Kim Yonghwan

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munho-ri_l'eau-design_diagram_(1)-1527512818.jpg Photographer:

munho-ri_l'eau-design_diagram_(4)-1527512819.jpg Photographer:

2.-a---1f-plan-1527512830.jpg Photographer:

3.-a---2f-plan-1527512830.jpg Photographer:

5.-a---roof-plan-1527512831.jpg Photographer:

4.-a---3f-plan-1527512831.jpg Photographer:

1.-site-plan-1527512831.jpg Photographer:

6.-b---1f-plan-1527512831.jpg Photographer:

7.-b---2f-plan-1527512832.jpg Photographer:

8.-b---3f-plan-1527512832.jpg Photographer:

9.-b---roof-plan-1527512832.jpg Photographer:

11.-b---rear-1527512832.jpg Photographer:

14.-right-1527512833.jpg Photographer:

13.-left-1527512833.jpg Photographer:

10---front-1527512833.jpg Photographer:

12.-a---front-1527512834.jpg Photographer:

When we say ‘renovation’ or ‘remodeling,’ of architecture, we often think of repairing a run-down building that has lost its function over time. These days, however, it is easy to see unfinished structures that have been suspended mid-construction due to profitability issues.

These are projects in which a person bought some land for the purpose of speculative investment in real estate and without carefully reviewing profitability, got a construction permit and started to build. Unlike urban regeneration, which reconstructs and heals the city by utilizing the surrounding environment that already exists, how should this abandoned structure, of which its architectural…

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Project details
Location South Korea
Program Type Wellness Center, Hotel
Year Build completed in the year 2015
Involve Companies
Architects L'eau Design

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