School gymnasium – Ecole des Menuisiers, BISCHWILLER, France

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School gymnasium – Ecole des Menuisiers, BISCHWILLER, France By Urbane Kultur as Architects

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The project develops a resolutely simple, sober, and contemporary architecture. The building is composed by elementary volumes, which are delicately inserted into the overall composition of the site. A low base made of a double concrete wall anchors the project in its site. It includes changing rooms, storage spaces, and technical rooms. The volume of the sports hall is set back from the base on the four sides to reduce its impact. On the north and south facades, the base is extended into an awning, providing shelter for bikes at the association’s entrance and for the pupils waiting…

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Project details
Location BischwillerGrand EstFrance
Program Type Wellness Center, Sports Center
Year Build completed in the year 2019
Tags Wellness Center, Sports Center
Involve Companies
Architects Urbane Kultur

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