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School group Beauvert By Atelier Didier Dalmas as Architects

04_atelier-didier-dalmas_saint-priest_beauvert-school_©erick-saillet-1504022568.jpg Photographer: ©Erick Saillet

08_atelier-didier-dalmas_saint-priest_beauvert-school_©erick-saillet-1504022569.jpg Photographer: ©Erick Saillet

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07_atelier-didier-dalmas_saint-priest_beauvert-school_©erick-saillet-1504022572.jpg Photographer: ©Erick Saillet

10_atelier-didier-dalmas_saint-priest_beauvert-school_©erick-saillet-1504022572.jpg Photographer: ©Erick Saillet

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12_atelier-didier-dalmas_saint-priest_beauvert-school_©erick-saillet-1504022574.jpg Photographer: ©Erick Saillet

06_atelier-didier-dalmas_saint-priest_beauvert-school_©erick-saillet-1504022577.jpg Photographer: ©Erick Saillet

01_atelier-didier-dalmas_saint-priest_beauver-1517472271.jpg Photographer:

The school is located on the borders of the ZAC Beauvert in Grenoble. It is on part of the grounds of the present school. The old school was built in the 1950s. It is outdated and does not meet current standards. It had to be demolished. However, it was necessary to maintain the activity of the school. This by building the new. In a demolition phasing job, the idea was to "slip" in the middle of the green theater. This is the playground.

We don’t work as an institution. We work the school as a neighborhood facility where it is…

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Project details
Location LyonRhone-AlpesFrance
Program Type School
Year Build completed in the year 2013
Involve Companies
Architects Atelier Didier Dalmas
Photographers Erick Saillet
Manufacturers TRESPA
Manufacturers SOPREMA

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