Salgot House

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Salgot House By Garcés - de Seta - Bonet Arquitectes as Architects

1987-casa-salgot-(5)-1506342708.jpg Photographer: Lluis Casals

1987-casa-salgot-(7)-1506342708.jpg Photographer: Lluis Casals

1987-casa-salgot-(8)-1506342709.jpg Photographer: Lluis Casals

1987-casa-salgot-(1)-1506342709.jpg Photographer: Lluis Casals

1987-casa-salgot-(2)-1506342711.jpg Photographer: Lluis Casals

context-plan-1506342724.jpg Photographer:

1987-casa-salgot-(9)-1506342709-1517390196.jpg Photographer:

Story will come soon.

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Project details
Location AndaluciaSpain
Program Type Housing
Year Build completed in the year 2012
Involve Companies
Architects Garcés - de Seta - Bonet Arquitectes
Photographers Lluís Casals

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