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Škoda Icerink / Modern Sport Facilities For The 21st Century From Study Dress • Žák By VRTISKA • ZAK as Architects

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Exactly a year since the solemn tapping of the building stone, a new ice stadium was officially opened in Prague today. Over the past twelve months, private investors have managed to build up-to-date facilities for skaters on two ice surfaces in Strašnice, Prague, in Přetlucká street.

The project is newly named ŠKODA ICERINK and is intended primarily for the general public, but also for the training of figure skating and ice hockey youth. A full-fledged winter stadium grew up in Prague for the first time in fifteen years.

His visual face was…

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Project details
Location PragueCzechia
Program Type Wellness Center
Year Build completed in the year 2018
Tags Hospitality Architecture, Wellness Center, Hospitality
Involve Companies
Architects VRTISKA • ZAK
Product Spec Sheet
Element Brand Product
Tables - Concrete + Cone, Bar stools - Arki-Stool Pedrali Arki-Stool ARKW6, Concrete 855, Ikon 867
Lights - Fixed + String Lights Flos String Lights
Mounted PUR panels Kingspan Group
Manufacturers mmcite street furniture

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