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SEMAC Consultants Pvt Ltd By Yamini Krishna Photography as Photographers

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‘madane DESIGN workshop LLP’ Designed & Executed ‘Semac Consultants Pvt. Ltd.’ - Western and Mumbai Head Office. The firm is a renowned Design Engineering organization in Indian with end-to-end capabilities across Architecture, SMEP, LEED certifications and Energy Audit domains.

Asper the brief the design and it’s spaces revolves around the concept of Mahabharat, emphasizing on the characters and the roles played by each character...from the inception of the ethos by Rishi Vyaas, Shrikrishna, the struggles by Abhimanyu and the Dream kingdom of ‘Dwarka’s montage’ by lord Vishwakarma the god of architecture.

While conceptualization &…

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Project details
Location Navi MumbaiMaharashtraIndia
Program Type Office
Year Build completed in the year 2020
Tags Commercial Photography, Interior photography, office interior photography
Involve Companies
Architects Madane Design Workshop

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