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Rolling Bridge By Heatherwick Studio as Architects

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The Rolling Bridge spans an inlet off the main canal in London’s Paddington Basin. Whereas most opening bridges break apart to let boats pass through, the studio wanted to design a bridge that would get out of the way instead, using a softer mechanism to transform itself by mutating rather than fracturing. 

Architect: Heatherwick Studio
Location: London, UK
Client: Paddington Basin Development Corporation
Appointment: 2002
Completion: 2004
Size: 12m
Project Leader: Stuart Wood
Studio Team: Kieran Gaffney
Collaborators: DJW Consulting, Gardiner & Theobald, Mace, Montagu Evans,…

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Project details
Location LondonEnglandUnited Kingdom
Program Type Bridge
Year Build completed in the year 2004
Tags Bridge, Paddington Basin, Sussex coast
Involve Companies
Architects Heatherwick Studio

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