Reserved Stores in Frankfurt

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Reserved Stores in Frankfurt By Zumtobel as Suppliers

154403217858524.jpg Photographer: Henning Moser

15440321837794.jpg Photographer: Henning Moser

154403218382452.jpg Photographer: Henning Moser

154403218447853.jpg Photographer: Henning Moser

The Reserved fashion and clothing retailer has more than 450 branches worldwide. As can be seen in the new store in Frankfurt am Main, all the shops are designed in line with a clear brand concept. Particularly striking are the white ceiling panels, whose reflective surface helps bathe the stores in pleasant light.

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Project details
Location Frankfurt Am MainHessenGermany
Program Type Showroom
Year Build completed in the year 2018
Involve Companies
Suppliers Zumtobel

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