Renovation of the Monastery Estate Venetian Harbor

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Renovation of the Monastery Estate Venetian Harbor By Ritmonio as Manufacturers

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The recent renovation of an ancient mansion belonging to the Venetian nobility during the 16th century led to the establishment of the Monastery Estate Venetian Harbor, a great accommodation located in Chania, in the western part of the island of Crete. This luxurious guest house offers a sun terrace, a hot tub, a hammam, an indoor pool and a restaurant.

Manufacturer/Supplier: Ritmonio
Place: Chania, Crete, Greece
Project: Manos Varanakis
Customer: Monastery Estate Venetian Harbor
Name of series: Diametro 35 series in black matt finish.

In the Suites and Junior Suites, the Diametro…

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Project details
Location Greece
Program Type Monastery
Year Build completed in the year
Involve Companies
Manufacturers Ritmonio

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