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Real Canadian Superstore By Landini Associates as Architects

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Real Canadian Superstore is a low-cost supermarket chain in Canada that belongs to the Loblaw Company. Superstore is a super-size supermarket, bigger than a football field providing a widerange of products from fresh food to groceries, home furnishing, clothing, IT items, beauty products and pharmacy services. In addition to the existing offer, ‘Superstores new generation’ is extending to multi-ethnic food, with a Halal butcher, an Asian fishmonger and a Middle Eastbakery. 

Architects: Landini Associates
Project Address: Canada
Completion Year: 2015
Client: Real Canadian Superstore
Project type: Interior and graphic design

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Project details
Location Canada
Program Type Shop, Supermarket
Year Build completed in the year 2015
Involve Companies
Architects Landini Associates

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