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RH21-MOVE OF THE GLACIAL/// THE GLACIER /// By DA STUDIOS | design architecture studio as Architects

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RH21 is architecture of fluidity frozen in space- rigidity or lack of it created to accommodate the staring facets around it. RH21 becomes an expression of poetics and politics expected of architecture of a house. It is a spatiality versus availability, a physicality versus spirituality, a fluidity in rigidity, an uncertainty in complexity overall a varying presence in motion, in feeling, in the triangle of Kandinsky; the triangle is moving slowly yet steadily.

In the relentless and restlessness of a city, can one seek solitude, Privacy and a lone time? With all the sounds of drills, hawkers and…

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Project details
Location HyderabadTELANGANAIndia
Program Type Private House
Year Build completed in the year 2020
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