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Quattro Corti business center By Piuarch as Architects

quattro-corti-business-center-2-1504271409.jpg Photographer: Andrea Martiradonna

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The Quattro Corti business center is located in the historic area of Saint Petersburg, in the immediate vicinity of St. Isaac’s cathedral. The project called for the realization of a contemporary building while maintaining the historical facades of the two buildings that previously occupied the site. These were incorporated into the new structure by a metal roof whose continuous form reconnects the varying slopes of the existing roofs, the materials and the geometry of which are integrated harmoniously into the city skyline. Within the volume defined by these limits, four courts were created to illuminate the interior spaces and to…

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Project details
Location Saint PetersburgSaint Petersburg CityRussia
Program Type Office
Year Build completed in the year 2010
Involve Companies
Architects Piuarch
Photographers Andrea Martiradonna

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