Pulpit Rock Church: The Rafter

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Pulpit Rock Church: The Rafter By CJ STUDIO - ShiChieh Lu as Architects

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Miracle by Contingent Linkage
The Pulpit Rock is renowned for its outstanding natural views over Lysefjord. But its exceptional identification is not merely restricted to its surrounding scenic views but also essentially lies in its quasi-geometry shape made completely naturally. This contradiction is a contingent miracle that blurs the boundary between nature and artificiality. The Pulpit Rock was formed ten thousand years ago when the glacier reached the cliff. It was because the water from the glacier permeated, froze in mountain crevices and its expanding volume generated even more cracks in the rock. Eventually numerous cracks linked and broke…

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Project details
Location Norway
Program Type Church
Year Planned in the year
Involve Companies
Architects CJ STUDIO - ShiChieh Lu

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