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Portopiccolo SPA By Studio Apostoli as Architects

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It is an oasis of well-being overlooking the sea, developed for 3,600 square metres, made of materials that allow full integration with the context: its name is Portopiccolo SPA, part of the village that bear the same name in the Gulf of Trieste; since November 2020 it has been proclaimed winner of the "2020 World Luxury Spa Awards" in the "Luxury Destination Spa" category.

With panoramic terraces rich in vegetation, light-coloured stone surfaces and large windows allowing breathtaking views, it represents an important piece of the village of Sistiana and a wellness location…

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Project details
Location PortopiccoloFriuli-Venezia GiuliaItaly
Program Type Spa
Year Build completed in the year 2017
Tags Hospitality Architecture, Wellness
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