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Porta Nuova Building By Piuarch as Architects

porta-nuova-building-3-1504271095.jpg Photographer: Andrea Martiradonna

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porta-nuova-building-2-1504271096.jpg Photographer: Andrea Martiradonna

porta-nuova-building-4-1504271097.jpg Photographer: Andrea Martiradonna

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Like some sort of sinuous, white wave, the Porta Nuova Building fits in with the master plan for the urban redevelopment of the old railway station in Porta Nuova, Milan, situated between Corso Como, Garibaldi Station, the Isola neighbourhood and Piazza della Repubblica. This huge structure extends over a distance of 140 metres to create a structure covering a total of 16,500 m² designed for holding offices and shops. This powerful and, at the same time, lightweight, white coloured, glazed building serves a fundamental “urban purpose”:

it hinges together the existing city and the latest dynamics triggered off by the…

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Project details
Location MilanLombardiaItaly
Program Type Office
Year Build completed in the year 2013
Involve Companies
Architects Piuarch
Photographers Andrea Martiradonna

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