Planetarium and visitor center for Solobservatoriet

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Planetarium and visitor center for Solobservatoriet By Snøhetta as Architects

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Snøhetta designs planetarium and visitor center for Solobservatoriet, Norway’s largest astronomical facility
Nestled in the dense forest of Harestua, located 45 kilometers north of Oslo in the municipality of Lunner, Snøhetta has designed a new planetarium and a visitor center for Norway’s largest astronomical facility. Solobservatoriet is the largest solar observatory North of the Alps, and with its top-notch equipment and elevated site 580 meters above sea level, the expanded facilities will offer guests the opportunity to discover one of Northern Europe’s foremost astronomical research stations.

Snøhetta’s design comprises a brand new 1,500 m2 planetarium as well as scattered…

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Project details
Location Norway
Program Type Culture Centre
Year Planned in the year 2018
Involve Companies
Architects Snøhetta

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