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Pianoterra By Local Architecture Network as Architects

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The name, Pianoterra (“ground floor” in Italian), reflects a dialogue the duo began in 2018, when they moved their offices to this neighborhood in eastern Paris — to bring architecture to the street, and the street to architecture. The foundational move, with particular attention “paid to the ground” (reflected in the root of the word pianoterra), was a major inspiration for this new restaurant helmed by chef Rosa Vanina.

She links her Sicilian heritage to the present, integrating encounters in a constantly changing urban scene, and promoting local cuisine and sustainable products, yet without being constrained by the dogma of…

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Project details
Location ParisÎle-de-FranceFrance
Program Type Restaurant
Year Build completed in the year 2020
Tags Restaurant, Restoration & Interior
Involve Companies
Architects Local Architecture Network

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