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Patna Museum By SpaceMatters as Architects

155592226116372.jpg Photographer: SpaceMatters + Snohetta

155592227313670.jpg Photographer: SpaceMatters + Snohetta

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155592227472261.jpg Photographer: SpaceMatters + Snohetta

155592227421066.jpg Photographer: SpaceMatters + Snohetta

155592228181144.jpg Photographer: SpaceMatters + Snohetta

The Snøhetta + SpaceMatters proposal for the Bihar Museum is designed as an iconic edifice for the invaluable historic artefacts housed in the erstwhile Patna Museum, while providing an inclusive and vibrant public domain for the city. This public domain crucially promotes a sense of collective ownership by engaging a broader audience in a deeper conversation, underscoring the importance of museums in a contemporary democratic setting.

Starting with the common goal of creating a vibrant ethos for a public cultural space, both Snøhetta and SpaceMatters brought different insights to the tables – both…

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Project details
Location PatnaBiharIndia
Program Type Museum
Year Conceptualization in the year
Involve Companies
Architects SpaceMatters
Architects Snøhetta

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