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Panificio Coworking LAB By Ritmonio as Manufacturers

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After 70 years of history, Panificio Benedetti becomes Panificio Coworking LAB: Diametro 35 in black finish by Ritmonio has been chosen for this great work of conservation and enhancement.

Located in the historic center of Pompiano (BS), the bakery Panificio Benedetti has remained active for more than 70 years, becoming a real institution of this place.

The Arch. Andrea Benedetti wanted to restore the building where his homonym grand father with his brothers set up their business. The building has recently changed its intended use, transforming itself into Panificio Coworking LAB, the private professional technical studio of Andrea Benedetti.


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Project details
Location PompianoLombardiaItaly
Program Type Office
Year Build completed in the year
Involve Companies
Manufacturers Ritmonio

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