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Paliam Nalukettu By Benny Kuriakose as Architects

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The Paliam Nalukettu , was the residence of the women and children of the Paliam family. It has a large central courtyard and rooms on all for sides. It has a kitchen, and other rooms, one of the main room being the Velliamma’s chamber, where the oldest lady member of the family resided. Women held equal or more importance in the family because of the matrilineal tradition. The Naalukettu has also been restored and converted into a museum which depicts the lifestyle back then when the house was inhabited by the ladies of the Paliam Family. The house will be…

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By: Meena Jha on 21-Feb-2020
Private house
By: Adrian Ciuban on 21-Feb-2020
Look like museum style house
By: Peter Parker on 21-Feb-2020
Paliam Nalukettu residence
By: Riya Jha on 21-Feb-2020
Family residence
By: Rupesh Jha on 21-Feb-2020
Best for children and family
By: Ashwani Kumar on 21-Feb-2020
Beautiful residence
Project details
Location KeralaIndia
Program Type Private House
Year Build completed in the year
Involve Companies
Architects Benny Kuriakose

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