Office Space of Dongfeng Park 3#Yard

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Office Space of Dongfeng Park 3#Yard By Beijing China Virtue Architectural Design Co., Ltd as Designers

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Low Carbon Environmental-Friendly Architects Studio in Beijing Suburban Park
Located in between the East 4th-5th Ring Road of Beijing City, Dongfeng park is suburban city park that functions as one part within the first defensing green belt safeguarding the Beijing City. With its municipal division in Jiangtaiwa village, Dongfeng Township, Chaoyang District, this office project in the Dongfeng park becomes an ideal working space for the designers, and the chief architect Chunli Zhang hopes to provide the staff with an enjoyable space where gets tobe relaxing, feel free and closest to nature.

Design company: Beijing China Virtue…

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Project details
Location Chaoyang DistrictBeijingChina
Program Type Office
Year Build completed in the year 2020
Tags office, Offices Interiors, Low Carbon Emission, Low Carbon Workplace, Low Carbon, Environmentally friendly, Beijing Suburban Park, Beijing

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