OCT Chuzhou Minghu Experience Center

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OCT Chuzhou Minghu Experience Center By Lacime Architects as Architects

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Harmony with the natural surrounding
The project site is located in the Minghu Lake area, the southeastern part of the planned new town of Chuzhou city, Anhui Province. It is adjacent to Chuzhou-Yangzhou Expressway and the Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway, surrounded with a favorable landscape environment. The Experience Center is designed to guide the visitors through the site. The structure, in a natural style, will take the form of mists encircling the wetland on a cloudy day or look like a rock standing still in the field during sunny days.

Architectural design: Lacime Architects
Location: The Chuzhou…

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Project details
Location ChuzhouAnhuiChina
Program Type Office
Year Build completed in the year 2020
Tags Experience Center, Humanistic design
Involve Companies
Architects Lacime Architects

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