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Number Ninety - New Build House in Holland Park Central London By Smerin Architects as Architects

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Set amongst the elegant Victorian villas and terraces that surround Holland Park in central London's Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, by reputation an area of tradition and conservative tastes, Smerin Architects has created a new build family house with a strongly contemporary appearance that reinterprets the classic London house typology to suit modern city life. The site is located at the southern end of a long terrace of five storey houses and forms part of an area developed for residential purposes between Holland Road and the railway lines to the west in the late 1800's. The new…

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Project details
Location LondonLondon, City ofUnited Kingdom
Program Type Private House
Year Build completed in the year 2013
Involve Companies
Architects Smerin Architects
Engineers Lyons O'Neill
Consultants Mendick Waring Consulting Engineers
Contractors Charterhouse Developments
Contractors CETCO
Contractors KLH UK
Contractors Celotex
Contractors Taylor Maxwell
Contractors Renolit
Contractors IQ Glass UK
Contractors Grove Windows
Contractors Solarlux
Contractors Precision Projects
Contractors Turgon
Contractors Portman Pocket Doors
Contractors Viessmann
Contractors Timoleon

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