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Norgesglasset By Snøhetta as Architects

norge1-(1)-1518419023.jpg Photographer: Ketil Jacobsen

norge1-(4)-1518419033.jpg Photographer: Ketil Jacobsen

norge1-(6)-1518419034.jpg Photographer: Ketil JacobsenKetil Jacobsen

norge1-(8)-1518419034.jpg Photographer: Ketil Jacobsen

norge1-(5)-1518419035.jpg Photographer: Ketil Jacobsen

norge1-(7)-1518419035.jpg Photographer: Ketil Jacobsen

norge1-(2)-1518419053.jpg Photographer: Ketil Jacobsen

norge1-(3)-1518419053.jpg Photographer: Ketil Jacobsen

Snøhetta has designed a unique bar and interior concept for the expansion of Oslo Airport. Located centrally in the new domestic terminal, the playful design of Norgesglasset draws inspiration from its namesake, the Norgesglasset jar, a classic product long used for pickling and storing food familiar to many Norwegian homes.

Snøhetta re-used over 4000 original Norgesglasset jars to clad the ceiling and back wall of the 65m2 bar. Selected jars are lit from within, doubling to illuminate the space and creating whimsical variations in light and shadow. As one continuous organic form, the glass structure of the curved back wall…

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Location OsloOsloNorway
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