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à tes souhaits! Glace et chocolat By nendo as Interior designers

a_tes_souhaits_glace_et_chocolat01_takumi_ota-1532101308.jpg Photographer: Takumi Ota

a_tes_souhaits_glace_et_chocolat02_takumi_ota-1532101313.jpg Photographer: Takumi Ota

a_tes_souhaits_glace_et_chocolat03_takumi_ota-1532101319.jpg Photographer: Takumi Ota

a_tes_souhaits_glace_et_chocolat04_takumi_ota-1532101320.jpg Photographer: Takumi Ota

a_tes_souhaits_glace_et_chocolat05_takumi_ota-1532101321.jpg Photographer: Takumi Ota

a_tes_souhaits_glace_et_chocolat11_takumi_ota-1532101323.jpg Photographer: Takumi Ota

a_tes_souhaits_glace_et_chocolat06_takumi_ota-1532101324.jpg Photographer: Takumi Ota

a_tes_souhaits_glace_et_chocolat13_takumi_ota-1532101325.jpg Photographer: Takumi Ota

a_tes_souhaits_glace_et_chocolat08_takumi_ota-1532101326.jpg Photographer: Takumi Ota

The interior design for a sister shop of the patisserie “à tes souhaits!” in Kichijoji, Tokyo that specializes in ice cream and chocolate. The wall featured a design where soil of various shades were stacked to make it look like they were cut and staggered, taking as its motif ice-cream cakes made by layering ice-creams of various flavours and then cutting them in slices.

The wall guides people into the shop by the soft curvature from the outer wall, and then creates a gentle all-enveloping effect, like melted ice-cream, all the way into the back of the shop. This created…

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Project details
Location KichijojiTokyoJapan
Program Type Shop
Year Build completed in the year 2017
Involve Companies
Interior designers nendo

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