New Shandao Restaurant

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New Shandao Restaurant By Yiduan Shanghai Interior Design as Architects

002-lobby-1520503321.jpg Photographer: Zhang Quan

005-lobby-lounge-1520503322.jpg Photographer: Zhang Quan

004-lobby-elevator-hall-1520503322.jpg Photographer: Zhang Quan

001-facade-1520503322.jpg Photographer: Zhang Quan

000-stairs-1520503323.jpg Photographer: Zhang Quan

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007-bamboo-basket-dining-area-1520503324.jpg Photographer: Zhang Quan

006-bamboo-basket-area-1520503324.jpg Photographer: Zhang Quan

009--bamboo-basket-aisle-1520503325.jpg Photographer: Zhang Quan

011bamboo-basket-area-1520503325.jpg Photographer: Zhang Quan

013bamboo-basket-mezzanine-1520503325.jpg Photographer: Zhang Quan

014-bamboo-basket-mezzanine-1520503326.jpg Photographer: Zhang Quan

008--bamboo-basket-area-1520503326.jpg Photographer: Zhang Quan

010-bamboo-basket-aisle-1520503326.jpg Photographer: Zhang Quan

015-stairs-of-the-bamboo-basket-mezzanine-1520503327.jpg Photographer: Zhang Quan

012-stairs-1520503327.jpg Photographer: Zhang Quan

016--stairs-of-the-bamboo-basket-mezzanine-1520503327.jpg Photographer: Zhang Quan

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1f-plan-1520503332.jpg Photographer:

2f-plan-1520503332.jpg Photographer:

elevation2-1520503332.jpg Photographer:

4f-plan-1520503333.jpg Photographer:

elevation-1-1520503333.jpg Photographer:

exterior-facade-1520503334.jpg Photographer:

5f-plan-1520503334.jpg Photographer:

Before working on this project, Mr. Xu has been thinking about the future development of restaurant, as well as new ideas of restaurant design. He wants to design a restaurant which gets rid of the stereotype and being innovative . In this case, Mr. Xu, as space magician, proves again there are new breakthroughs in blending nature into a restaurant.

Architects: Yiduan Shanghai International Design
Location: Fuzhou, Jiangxi Province, China
Chief Designer & Creative Director: Xu Xujun
Participating Designers: Xu Xuwei, Liu Xiaowei, Liu Wei, Zhou Bin, Luo Zhenhai
Type: Restaurant
Area: 2000…

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Project details
Location FuzhouJiangxiChina
Program Type Restaurant
Year Build completed in the year 2017
Involve Companies
Architects Yiduan Shanghai Interior Design

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