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New Plasser India Manufacturing Industry By ANA Design Studio Pvt. Ltd. as Architects

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Project Type: Railway Equipment Manufacturing Facility

Brief of the Project: Locomotive manufacturing facility planned to cater to three assembly lines and air conditioning designed on the concept of radiant and geothermal cooling. The green spine is designed with an oxygen regenerated plant to purify the air from process area.


Area: 5,00,000 sq ft


There can be no doubt, that the driver for prosperity and large scale economic growth and a sustainable future will be industry.

While there is a lot of exciting work being carried out in the service industry sector, especially IT and ITES, there…

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Project details
Location KarjanGujaratIndia
Program Type Factory
Year Build completed in the year 2020
Tags Industrial flooring, #INDIANARCHITECT, Industrial Design, Factory, Engineering consultancy, Industrial Unit, Industrial, industry, plasser
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