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Nevo-Molson Law firm Offices By Shirli Zamir Design Studio as Designers

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Nevo-Molson Lawyers are a law firm dealing with medical malpractice and their office is located in the new 'Alon Towers' on the 29th floor in Tel Aviv. It was important for both the firm and us that the space broadcasts a sophisticated and serious company because the subject of the cases is so . However ,we also wanted the interior to feel cozy, warm, and containing as for the clients of this office, this is an important element.

Design: Shirli Zamir Design Studio
Project Designer: Shirli Zamir, Ayelet Goren
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Photography: Kfir…

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Project details
Location Tel AvivTel AvivIsrael
Program Type Office
Year Build completed in the year 2018
Involve Companies
Designers Shirli Zamir Design Studio

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