Neighbor Residential Tower

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Neighbor residential tower By Avat architectural group as Architects

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In today's life and with the daily expansion of migration to metropolitan areas, the lack of quality in the design of residential spaces is increasingly understood.

Lack of open and semi-open spaces such as old yards to benefit from the outside environment and greenery, reduced interactions between people living in a residential complex, has caused people living in a settlement to have no knowledge of each other.

Practically, the combination of space can not create the right mood for us among the residents. In the initial stages of the project, by considering some options, an attempt has been made to…

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Project details
Location MashhadRazavi Khorasan ProvinceIran
Program Type Apartment
Year Conceptualization in the year 2020
Tags Residential, Residential Architecture, Apartment
Involve Companies
Architects Avat architectural group

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