Nanjing International Youth Cultural Centre

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Nanjing International Youth Cultural Centre By Zaha Hadid Architects as Architects

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The Nanjing International Youth Cultural Centre is located on the river in Hexi New Town; Nanjing’s new central business district (CBD). The project includes a 106,500 m2 conference centre, two towers totaling 258,500 m2 , 100,000 m2 of basement areas and the plaza that terminates the CBDs main axis on the riverfront.

The masterplan expresses the continuity and connectivity between the urban environment of Hexi New Town, riverside parkland, and the rural landscapes of Jiangxinzhou Island in the Yangtzer River connected by a pedestrian bridge.

The Nanjing International Youth Cultural Centre occupies a site area of 5.2 hectares with a…

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Project details
Location NanjingJiangsuChina
Program Type Culture Centre
Year Build completed in the year 2018
Involve Companies
Architects Zaha Hadid Architects
Engineers BuroHappold Engineering

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