Metal mesh as mirror for an oil capital

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Metal mesh as mirror for an oil capital By GKD - Gebr. Kufferath AG as Manufacturers

gkd_metal-mesh-as-mirror-for-an-oil-capital_03-1510673663.jpg Photographer: © Slyworks Photography

gkd_metal-mesh-as-mirror-for-an-oil-capital_02-1510673663.jpg Photographer: © Slyworks Photography

gkd_metal-mesh-as-mirror-for-an-oil-capital_05-1510673664.jpg Photographer: © Slyworks Photography

gkd_metal-mesh-as-mirror-for-an-oil-capital_04-1510673664.jpg Photographer: © Slyworks Photography

gkd_metal-mesh-as-mirror-for-an-oil-capital_07-1510673664.jpg Photographer: © Slyworks Photography

gkd_metal-mesh-as-mirror-for-an-oil-capital_06-1510673664.jpg Photographer: © Slyworks Photography

gkd_metal-mesh-as-mirror-for-an-oil-capital_01-1510673649-1517298553.jpg Photographer:

HASC: Top level occupational safety and emergency care
Great emphasis is placed on safety in Pasadena, a suburb of Houston, Texas. As America's oil stronghold and home to NASA's legendary Space Center, the region is famous for its particularly dangerous and hazardous working conditions. The Houston Area Safety Council (HASC) was therefore established back in 1990 on the initiative of local industrial operations as a non-profit institution to provide safety training. The objective here was to train workers in order to raise their safety awareness as a way of preventing workplace accidents. Some 25 years later, this idea has…

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