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Medical Practice Dr. Bernas By Sattler as Manufacturers

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Dr. Bernas’s new medical practice in Eislingen specialises in internal and palliative medicine. Its pleasant and fresh ambience is characterized by a kind team, along with spacious rooms in discreet colours and harmonious lighting, thus creating a positive environment for the patients.

Light fulfils various functions in a medical practice. Its subtle influence on our feelings is often underestimated. An agreeable lighting atmosphere can ease patients‘ anxieties, soothe trepidations and often creates confidence. Furthermore, ergonomic light is a pre-requisite for concentration and helps to make work less tiring.

Architect: Architectural Office Scheer und Wahl
Location: Eislingen,…

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Project details
Location EislingenBaden-WurttembergGermany
Program Type Office, Hospital
Year Build completed in the year
Involve Companies
Manufacturers Sattler

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