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Marina One By ingenhoven architects as Architects

1ep03526-0350-1515315580.jpg Photographer: HG Esch Photography

1ep03526-0356-1515315580.jpg Photographer: HG Esch Photography

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9984_marina_one_darren_soh-1515315651.jpg Photographer: Darren Soh

designsketch_by_christoph_ingenhoven-1515315684.jpg Photographer: Christoph - Ingenhoven

9948_level1-1515315736.jpg Photographer: © ingenhoven architects

9948_level2-1515315736.jpg Photographer: © ingenhoven architects

9948_section-1515315736.jpg Photographer: © ingenhoven architects

9948_office_elevation-1515315736.jpg Photographer: © ingenhoven architects

9948_residential_elevation-1515315736.jpg Photographer: © ingenhoven architects

9948_typical_office-residential-1515315736.jpg Photographer: © ingenhoven architects

9948_siteplan-1515315736.jpg Photographer: © ingenhoven architects

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1ep03526-0344-1515315565-1516004230.jpg Photographer: HG Esch Photography

International "role model“ for living and working in megacities
Marina One in the centre of Singapore is ingenhoven architects largest project and will open early 2018. As an international role model for living and working, Marina One makes an innovative contribution to the discourse on mega-cities, especially in tropical regions, which, in the context of increasing population and climate change, face enormous challenges. The high-density building complex with its mix of uses extends to over 400,000 square meters and, with its group of four high-rise buildings, defines the „Green Heart“—a public space extending over several stories. This three-dimensional green…

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Project details
Location Singapore
Program Type Housing, Office
Year Build completed in the year 2017
Involve Companies
Project manager UEM Sunrise Berhad
Project manager Mapletree Investments Pte Ltd.
Architects architects61
Landscape Architects Gustafson Porter + Bowman
Landscape Architects ICN Design International Pte Ltd
Engineers Beca
Consultants Arup
Interior designers AXIS ID Pte Ltd | Axis Architect Planners | Axis ID
Serveyors Langdon & Seah
Contractors Hyundai Engineering & Construction
Contractors GS Engineering & Construction
Contractors SAMBO E&C
Photographers HG Esch Photography

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