Magmode of Hangzhou Kerry Center store

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A Readable Store - Magmode By RIGI Design as Interior designers

exhibition-space-showing-the-main-theme-1511713758.jpg Photographer: James Chan

different-sections-in-a-unified-multi-element-1511713760.jpg Photographer: James Chan

space-selling-only-one-book-(2)-1511713760.jpg Photographer: James Chan

space-selling-only-one-book-(1)-1511713761.jpg Photographer: James Chan

staircase-decorated-with-geometric-wall-lights-1511713762.jpg Photographer: James Chan

counter-with-stairs-1511713765.jpg Photographer: James Chan

the-diversified-way-of-life-(1)-1511713767.jpg Photographer: James Chan

aisle-1511713768.jpg Photographer: James Chan

grocery-space-1511713772.jpg Photographer: James Chan

the-diversified-way-of-life-(2)-1511713774.jpg Photographer: James Chan

the-presentation-mode-of-combined-goods-1511713776.jpg Photographer: James Chan

magmode05-1511713788.jpg Photographer:

second-floor-plan-1511713789.jpg Photographer:

first-floor-plan-1511713789.jpg Photographer:

1entrance-with-contents-1511713735-1517299505.jpg Photographer:

There are many ways to express a brand; It could be a monotonous expression, or a diversified presentation. It is similar to magazine in this regard. A magazine has an unified tonality and values, it starts contact with readers through different contents, but a brand connects to clients through different products. It's logicality, upgrade ability, and continuity have something in common.

Magmode is a brand that combines works of many designers, thus a unified concept is needed to express the logicality of the whole brand. In the design of Magmode, RIGI hopes to build a new concept in the terminal:…

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Project details
Location HangzhouZhejiangChina
Program Type Shop
Year Build completed in the year 2016
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