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A synthesis between the typical rural dwelling and a contemporary housing model, in northern Italy By Lapitec S.p.A. as Manufacturers

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The architectural project designed by Giorgio Parise in lower Vicenza was born as a synthesis between the typical rural dwelling and a contemporary housing model. Two different souls, two approaches and characters that the house welcomes and harmonises, rooting itself in the landscape between the Berici and Euganean Hills, not far from the Venetian Lagoon.

References to construction elements typical of the area define the base of the building, developed in an L shape with an additional structure, and covering a total surface area of approximately 920 square metres. From the outside, the exterior of the ground floor is, in…

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Project details
Location VicenzaVenetoItalia
Program Type Private House
Year Build completed in the year 2021
Tags Interior design, Natural stone, Facades, Roofing systems, Residential Architecture, Residential Interiors, Design furniture, Facade cladding
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