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MR03 By EstudioReciente as Architects

163164109876398.jpg Photographer: Germán Saíz

163164110017283.jpg Photographer: Germán Saíz

163164110381188.jpg Photographer: Germán Saíz

163164110488816.jpg Photographer: Germán Saíz

163164110775620.jpg Photographer: Germán Saíz

163164110979198.jpg Photographer: Germán Saíz

163164111132077.jpg Photographer: Germán Saíz

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163164111925242.jpg Photographer: Germán Saíz

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The absence of load-bearing walls  allowed us to decide on a new distribution practically in its entirety. We kept the kitchen and bathroom in place - although they have been expanded - and turned the rest of the house into an open space. Thus, the living room, dining room and office –separated by a large sliding door and which can be converted into a guest room– coexist in the same environment.

Architecture Name: EstudioReciente
Project Address: Madrid, Spain
Completion Year: 2021
Total built area (m2): 65 m2
Photo credits: Germán…

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Project details
Location MadridCommunity of MadridSpain
Program Type Apartment
Year Build completed in the year 2021
Tags Family Residence, Apartment
Involve Companies
Architects EstudioReciente
Photographers Germán Saíz
Product Spec Sheet
Element Brand Product
Furniture Muuto Ambit Rail Lamp
Outlets and Switches Zangra
Sanitary devices Laufen
Finishes – Bathroom’s Finishe Mosa

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