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MI Church & Mixed Use Office Building By TheeAe Architects as Architects

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Mission International is basically a non-denomination church that outreaches her ministry to young generations for high school and university students. MI’s unique program includes Sunday church service, various English classes, coffee house, BBQ party, accommodation for missionaries, etc. those of which are mainly focused on education for students. Due to its various program requirement, this Mixed-use building becomes in need of special design to meet this sole purpose of the mission.

Program requirements are set to accommodate missionaries’ short stays, staff offices, classrooms, church service auditorium, kitchens and coffee shop, and all other common spaces such as toilet, elevator lobbies, parking space, etc. Besides needs on those functions, the most rigorous…

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Project details
Location Ch'ungch'ong-buktoSouth Korea
Program Type Church
Year Build completed in the year 2011
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