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M89 Hotel By Piuarch as Architects

m89-hotel-1-1504270424.jpg Photographer: Andrea Martiradonna

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m89-hotel-6-1504270425.jpg Photographer: Andrea Martiradonna

m89-hotel-2-1504270425.jpg Photographer: Andrea Martiradonna

m89-hotel-3-1504270425.jpg Photographer: Andrea Martiradonna

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Opposite the building, there is the rhythmic series of brick blocks of the Caproni factory, with their shed roof and industrial archaeology charm: the M89 Hotel – the new four-star destination at number 89 of via Mecenate– faces the factory halls that one hundred years ago hosted one of the leading aviation companies and which are now home to Gucci, after a meticulous renovation and expansion project by Piuarch.

A few months after the inauguration of the maison new headquarters, Piuarch has started a new project in the east outskirts of Milan, to reinforce its character as dynamic business hub,…

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Project details
Location MilanLombardiaItaly
Program Type Hotel
Year Build completed in the year
Involve Companies
Architects Piuarch
Photographers Andrea Martiradonna

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